Modular house

Rapid development of wood industry and increasing application of engineered wood products created preconditions for new types of construction to appear – modular house.

Modular house are built from prefabricated and pre-assembled modules.  Special house designs are used in modular construction. The system of modular house is best adapted for large series of homogeneous house; it may be also applied in construction of tenement houses.

The maximum size of modules is such as to suit for the transportation by sea (4.5-5 x 10-12 m). Modular house are transported with full engineering installations and interior finishing.

Modules are transported on sea ferries equipped with special platforms. Due to relatively high overland transportation costs of oversized modules, it is better to manufacture and build modular house in localities close to sea ports.

Attempts to adapt modular house to more remote localities led to the development of a modular/penalised construction approach, which combines the advantages of prefabricated culmination finishing of modular house and flexibility of panelised systems. Most labour-intensive modules of 3x6 m in size (for humid areas, staircases) with engineering installations and interior finishing are manufactured in a factory, while other house components are built from panels. Such house components can be shipped by standard trucks with special dropped trailers. A standard single-family house can be easily shipped in two trucks of the mentioned type. Accordingly, this extends the geography of such construction to the most remote territories, except for hilly and difficult-to-access territories.