Panel house

Panel house originated from timber-framed house. This advanced construction technology has anchored due to simple and quick construction methods and eco-friendliness. Panel frame house are built from prefabricated panels and site-assembled. Improved construction technologies enable designing of all elements of a panel house using a special computer programme, which ensures sound and precise assembly. All elements are checked up in a factory. Manufacturing of walls in a horizontal position and pressing thereafter prevent deformation of panel houses in use.

The complexity of substructure components for panel house depends on the purpose of the building. Where no basements are built or underground waters are high, drilled substructures are the best solution. Panel house generally are one-storey or two-storey houses with sloped roofs. Panels also suit for superstructures and roof structures in residential houses, for summer houses, sale booths and buildings for other purpose.

The main components of a panel frame house are panels and frame structures. Structural components of a wood panel house - external and internal walls, ceiling and roof are assembled from panels up to the selected roofing material. Panels for walls and ceilings are prefabricated on the basis of a wooden frame. Since panel walls and ceilings are made indoor, they do not depend on the weather conditions. This enables achievement of high-quality production, as there are better conditions for using special equipment, better control of production and storing conditions. Engineering installations and finishing of panel house can be prefabricated or site-built.
Prefabricated sets of walls are transported to a site. Delivered components are unloaded using a truck crane and mounted right away, so there is no need for temporary facilities and storing houses on sites. A house set is assembled on the foundation in 2-5 days on the average. Modern sealing materials, galvanised fixing parts and anchors (to the foundation) are used for house assembly. Roof components may be supplied in parts or in pre-assembled panels.

Various technologies are used for finishing of panel walls from exterior: matching boards of various profiles, cement bonded particleboards; walls can be revetted or plastered. Prefabricated walls with exterior finishing are also available. Spruce and larch are usually used for exterior finishing of panel house. Interior finishing depends on customers needs.

It takes some 2-4 weeks to manufacture a house and from 2-5 days to 4-6 weeks to assemble it on site subject to installation level, roofing technologies, etc.
European countries have developed a positive approach towards timber-framed and wood panel frame house quite long ago. The demand for such house is big and is expected to grow in future, taking into consideration environmental requirements. Technical parameters of wood panel house are equal to those of brick houses, but building time is considerably shorter.